Advanced Dermal Filler – Cheek Treatment

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This video comprehensively covers the basics and fundamentals of carrying out a Dermal Filler Cheek Treatment.

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Dynamic Angles

Our videos cover every angle of the treatment to ensure your students get a thorough insight into the procedure.

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Detailed anatomy

Detailed Anatomical Explanations Throughout The Video.

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Pre Treatment procedure

Included in this video is everything from pre consultation with a client all the way through to how to mark up correctly prior to carrying out the procedure.

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Advanced Dermal Filler - Cheek Treatment

£249 + VAT
Video duration - 8 mins 43 secs
  • Comes branded in your logo
  • Pre Treatment Consultation
  • Preparing Your Client
  • Treatment Procedure
  • Aftercare Process
  • Detailed Anatomical Explanations
  • Voice Narrated video
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